Static Earthing for Type C FIBC Bags

Earth-Rite FIBC Header Image

Type C FIBCs are made from conductive fabric or plastic sheet, or interwoven with conductive threads or filaments and designed to mitigate the occurrence of electrostatic discharges, brush discharges and propagating brush discharges.

Type C FIBC bags should be provided with grounding tabs (usually sited at the top and bottom of the bag) that are electrically connected to the conductive material or thread and are intended to be connected to a ground point when the FIBC is filled or emptied to ensure static electricity does not accumulate on the bag.

Grounding Type C bags can be achieved with either passive (single pole clamp and cable) or through active means (monitoring systems). A grounding system can indicate if the resistance of the static dissipative threads are within the correct resistance range (100 Meg-Ohm or 10 Meg-Ohm).  It does not validate the general condition of the bag, it checks to see if the interwoven conductive threads embedded in the material of the bag are in good electrical contact with the ground connection points.

Type C bags may also be supplied with inner liners. Electrical continuity between the liner and threads of the FIBC are not verified by grounding systems.

The suitability and general condition of the Type C bag is the site owner’s responsibility.


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