Welcome to Newson Gale – Supplying static earthing and bonding solutions to the hazardous area EX industries for over 30 years.

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Static Earthing Solutions

Learn more about Newson Gale’s comprehensive range of static earthing and bonding solutions.

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COVID-19 Update

Coronavirus Update

This update will provide a short overview of what measures Newson Gale is taking to maintain customer service levels under the current circumstances.

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Newson Gale Static earthing solutions White Papers

Knowledge Centre

Visit our Knowledge Centre and view the very latest white papers on the hazards of static electricity.

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What We Do

Electrostatic discharges are an ever-present and significant ignition risk for operations carried out in EX explosive atmospheres.

The accumulation of static electricity must be avoided in EX areas so that ignitions resulting fires or explosions can be prevented. Newson Gale’s wide range of static earthing and bonding systems reduce these ignition risks, creating a safer and more productive work environment.

Why Choose Us

  • 30 years’ experience of developing solutions directed at eliminating electrostatic hazards.
  • Broadest range of static earthing and bonding product solutions available to the EX / HAZLOC industries.
  • Universal knowledge of IEC, Cenelec, API and NFPA codes of practice related to controlling the ignition risks of static electricity.
  • Our products enable our customers to demonstrate compliance with international recommended practice and guidance.
  • Global EX / HAZLOC approvals including IECEx / ATEX / cCSAus / InMetro / NEPSI.

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