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Multi-channel Static Earthing System

Multiple Static Grounding System

The Earth-Rite® MULTIPOINT II is a unique multi-channel static earthing system that can monitor the simultaneous earthing of up to eight (8) individual pieces of equipment at risk of discharging electrostatic sparks.

To earth and monitor multiple items of equipment at points like multi drum loading stations and mixing stations, IBC loading stations and railcar loading gantries, a large number of conventional static earthing systems would be required to provide protection against incendive electrostatic sparks. In addition to flammable liquid and gas operations, powder processing equipment that typically includes interconnected pipes, fluid bed dryers, hoppers and micronizers would require multiple earthing systems. With the Earth-Rite® MULTIPOINT II up to eight individual items of potentially isolated equipment can be earth monitored simultaneously with a single static earthing system.

Earth-Rite® MULTIPOINT II applications include:

  • multiple railcar loading points
  • multiple drum / tote loading points
  • liquid / powder mixing and blending
  • powder conveying equipment
  • fluid bed drying
  • silo / container filling and emptying
  • hoppers and dust collectors
  • powder micronizing, pulverising and grinding equipment

The Earth-Rite MULTIPOINT II multiple static earthing system is ATEX / IECEx / cCSAus certified which identifies when equipment exceeds earth resistance levels outlined in codes of practice including CLC/TR 60079-32-1 and NFPA 77. The system consists of a hazardous area monitoring unit that contains eight pairs of red and green LED indicators that verify when the equipment at risk of static charge accumulation has a resistance of 10 ohms or less to the plant’s designated true earth grounding point.


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  • Up to 8 monitored connections
    potentially isolated points as part of one complete circuit.

  • Attention grabbing LED
    array pinpoints locations that are potentially isolated and at risk of accumulating incendive electrostatic charges.

  • Corrosion resistant
    and hygienic stainless steel.

  • Marshalling Junction Box
    for ease of cable routing and installation.

System Options

  • Earth-Rite MULTIPOINT II Options

    • Clamps, cables and stainless steel quick connectors for plant and equipment (for temporary or permanent connection).
    • Remote “Hazardous Area” indicator stations

Certification / Technical

  • Ingress Protection

    IP 66

  • Power Supply

    110/120 V or 220/240 V AC, 50-60 Hz.