Earth Monitoring Clamp With Wall Mounted Indicator

Bond-Rite REMOTE Header Image

The Bond-Rite REMOTE static grounding system with visual indication is an ideal solution for applications and installations where interlocks with the process are not possible.

Operators are unable to confirm a good earth connection before the process begins if they are using a simple grounding clamp and cable assembly.

The wall mounted Bond-Rite REMOTE continuously monitors the loop resistance of the circuit to 10 Ohms (or less) between the equipment and the verified ground point (e.g. wall-mounted bus bar).  Once the Bond-Rite REMOTE has verified the ground loop resistance, the high intensity flashing GREEN LED will provide process operators with a continuous visual reference of a good earth.

The Bond-Rite REMOTE can be powered with an intrinsically safe 9V battery that depending on the daily usage can last up to 6 hours a day.

The stainless steel static grounding clamps can be used with retractable cable lengths from 3 m up to 30 m to suit the process and application.


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