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Footwear Tester


Static Dissipative Footwear Tester

The recommended range of resistance for static dissipative footwear in: IEC-60079-32-1 Section 11.3 Dissipative and conductive footwear NFPA 77 Section Static Dissipative (SD) Footwear Both documents refer to 1 Meg-Ohm up to 100 Meg-Ohm (1 x 106 Ω up to 1 x 108 Ω) resistance through the shoes. EN ISO 20345, which is another […]

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Intrinsically Safe Electrical Continuity Tester

Hoses play an important role in hazardous area operations and owing to their direct interaction with moving liquids and powders can be at risk of becoming electrostatically charged. At no point in its structure should the metal components of a hose be permitted to accumulate static electricity. Examples of metal components that have the potential […]

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