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Earth-Rite MGV product

Earth-Rite® MGV

Truck Mounted Static Earthing Verification

Normally, road tankers (tank trucks) load/unload at a fixed point in a factory. However, vacuum trucks can work anywhere from main roads/highways to refineries/chemical plants and require a different grounding solution. Continuity between all metal parts on the vacuum truck is essential. Every metal item must be bonded to the chassis and tank with caution […]

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Mobile Grounding Kit

Grounding Kit

Portable Static Earthing Kit

A quick and easy to use portable static grounding kit which may be swiftly deployed in emergency or combustible material transfer operations where designated grounding points are not available or accessible. The flexible array of interconnected grounding rods are inserted into the soil at specified intervals to safely dissipate static electricity from mobile trucks, service […]

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OhmGuard Product Image


Intrinsically Safe Electrical Continuity Tester

Hoses play an important role in hazardous area operations and owing to their direct interaction with moving liquids and powders can be at risk of becoming electrostatically charged. At no point in its structure should the metal components of a hose be permitted to accumulate static electricity. Examples of metal components that have the potential […]

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Mobile Solutions


Newson Gale manufactures and supplies an innovative range of static mobile earthing solutions including a patented truck mountable ground verification system, a portable hose continuity tester and many other accessories essential to providing earthing protection for trucks and personnel operating in locations where standard earthing systems are not available to provide protection from electrostatic ignition hazards.


  • Truck mounted static earthing verification for trucks operating in environments and locations where rack mounted earthing systems are not available to earth the truck.
  • Portable hose continuity tester for ensuring hoses used in the field are not at risk of statics sparks due isolated metal couplings, bonding wires and metal helixes.
  • Ground rod kit for locations where buried man-made structures are not present to test as earthing points for trucks.
  • Bonding devices which monitor the bonding connections of equipment like portable pumps and compressors to earthed trucks.