Earth-Rite® Range Products

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Earth-Rite® RTR

Static Earthing Protection for Road Tankers

When an ungrounded road tanker is being filled/emptied with a liquid or powder, the road tanker could accumulate enough static to pose a discharge risk. To counteract this risk, it is important to ensure that the road tanker does not have the capacity to accumulate static electricity. The most practical and comprehensive way of achieving […]

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Earth-Rite MGV product

Earth-Rite® MGV

Truck Mounted Static Earthing Verification

Normally, road tankers (tank trucks) load/unload at a fixed point in a factory. However, vacuum trucks can work anywhere from main roads/highways to refineries/chemical plants and require a different grounding solution. Continuity between all metal parts on the vacuum truck is essential. Every metal item must be bonded to the chassis and tank with caution […]

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Earth-Rite® PLUS

Static Earthing Protection for Process Plant & Equipment

Isolated conductive metal objects like railcars, LACT units, skids and IBCs that come into contact with electrostatically charged liquids can accumulate high levels of electrostatic charge. If an ungrounded object is allowed to accumulate electrostatic charges, the voltage present on the object rises dramatically in a very short space of time. Because the object is […]

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Earth-Rite DGS Product

Earth-Rite® DGS

Dual Static Ground Indicator and Interlock System

The Earth-Rite DGS Dual Grounding System (DGS) has two independent ground monitoring circuits that allows operators to ground and continuously monitor two items of metal conductive plant equipment concurrently to less than 10 Ohms, such as two bulk transportation vehicles or other metallic vessels like Ex IBCs and metal drums. This feature is commonly used […]

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Static Grounding for Process Plant & Equipment

Powder processing operations can generate large quantities of electrostatic charge via the movement of powder. The most common cause behind the electrostatic charging of powder processing equipment is “tribo-electrification”. In pharmaceutical operations, equipment like powder conveying systems, micronizers, blenders and sieve stacks all make up multiple component assemblies that can accumulate high levels of electrostatic […]

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Earth-Rite FIBC product

Earth-Rite® FIBC

Static Earthing for Type C FIBC Bags

Type C FIBCs are made from conductive fabric or plastic sheet, or interwoven with conductive threads or filaments and designed to mitigate the occurrence of electrostatic discharges, brush discharges and propagating brush discharges. Type C FIBC bags should be provided with grounding tabs (usually sited at the top and bottom of the bag) that are […]

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Earth-Rite® OMEGA II

Static Earthing for Process Plant & Equipment

There are applications where electrical contractors may need to provide a static grounding solution as part of a specialised instrumentation/automation project. To satisfy the requirements of bespoke projects designers are often limited by standard “off-the-shelf” static grounding solutions that cannot be customised to provide a good “fit” for their specific application design requirements. A suitable […]

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Earth-Rite® Range


Wherever there is a real danger of conductive plant equipment and materials accumulating static charge within flammable and combustible atmospheres, Newson Gale’s range of Earth-Rite Static Earthing Monitoring & Interlock Systems provide added operational safety for critical hazardous area processing and handling operations.

  • Road Tanker and Railcar flammable product transfer.
  • Filling, mixing and blending of flammable / combustible materials in Drums, IBCs, Totes, Portable Containers and Mobile Tanks.
  • Multiple Earthing of potentially isolated conductive components of manufacturing and processing systems.
  • Filling or discharging Type C FIBCs and static dissipative plastic drums in flammable or combustible atmospheres.
  • Monitoring fixed Tanks and Vessels in storage and distribution facilities.

Earth-Rite Static Earthing Systems enable organisations to clearly demonstrate international “Best Practice”, compliance with IEC 60079-32; NFPA77; API RP 2003 and other world-wide technical standards and codes of practice governing the control of static electricity in hazardous areas.