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Cen-Stat™ Static Grounding Clamps

Static grounding systems like the Earth-Rite range combine interlock control and visual indication to verified ground connection points and offer the highest levels of protection over electrostatic ignition risks. However, equipment specifiers may select passive grounding devices, like single pole clamps, to ground and bond plant equipment. […]

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Cen-Stat™ Static Discharge Reels

Processes conducted in hazardous areas can result in the generation and unwanted accumulation of static electricity on plant equipment. Electrostatically charged objects like drums, IBCs and a wide range metal plant equipment can discharge static sparks with energies well in excess of the minimum ignition energies of flammable gases and vapours […]

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Cen-Stat™ Personnel Grounding Strap

The VESX45/PGS is a heavy duty stainless steel grounding clamp and wrist strap assembly that provides operators working in hazardous areas with an additional layer of protection against fires or explosions caused by static electricity. […]

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Cen-Stat™ Range


The Cen-Stat range of clamps, cables and reels are single circuit applications that rely on high strength mechanical circuits to dissipate static electricity from potentially charged equipment.

Cen-Stat clamps are specially designed to dissipate static electricity from potentially charged equipment and are subjected to rigorous FM & ATEX testing standards.

In some cases, hazardous area operators rely on small clips and welding clamps to earth equipment without any guarantee they are penetrating hardened product deposits, rust or paint. To mitigate against this uncertainty Cen-Stat clamps are fitted with a pair of tungsten carbide tips to bite through connection inhibitors and achieve direct electrical contact to potentially charged equipment. The stainless steel construction provides corrosion resistant benefits and is capable of working in tough industrial environments.

The clamps can be supplied with static dissipative Hytrel coated retractable spiral cable or static discharge reels.