Static Dissipative Footwear Tester

Static Dissipative Footwear Tester

The recommended range of resistance for static dissipative footwear in:

IEC-60079-32-1 Section 11.3 Dissipative and conductive footwear NFPA 77 Section Static Dissipative (SD) Footwear

Both documents refer to 1 Meg-Ohm up to 100 Meg-Ohm (1 x 106 Ω up to 1 x 108 Ω) resistance through the shoes.

EN ISO 20345, which is another safety footwear standard, specifies a resistance range of 100 Kilo-Ohm up to 1000 Meg-Ohm (1 x 105 Ω up to 1 x 109 Ω).

When specifying footwear testers it is important to know what specification the shoes are manufactured to so that the applicable resistance range is tested on entry to the EX/HAZLOC area.

For example, if shoes manufactured in accordance with EN ISO 20345 are tested on a footwear tester designed to test shoes at ASTM F2413, IEC 60079-32-1 and NFPA 77 levels, there is a strong possibility that the tester will fail the shoes.

Footwear testers need to be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, installed indoors in a safe area, for testing before entering the hazardous zone.

They are not designed to ensure 100% compliance with the relevant footwear standards. They can only indicate if the electrical resistance through the shoes are below the maximum permitted resistance outlined in the relevant standard/s.

It is the site operator’s responsibility to ensure adequate levels of training are in place to ensure people use such testers correctly and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are in place so that shoes not in the specified range do not get used in the zoned or classified area.


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