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Equipment commissioning and maintenance service

Commissioning & Maintenance Service

Our equipment commissioning and maintenance service ensures your Newson Gale static earthing and bonding equipment is installed and maintained in accordance with our system operating and installation requirements.

Our CompEx® certified engineers will ensure your Newson Gale equipment is installed and maintained in accordance with the equipment’s instruction manual.

This is critical to ensuring the equipment has been installed in accordance with the ATEX and IECEx requirements laid down in EN and IEC standards for the safe installation and operation of electrical equipment in EX zoned areas.

In addition to ensuring the equipment is installed in accordance to ATEX / IECEx standards, our engineers will test the functionality of the installed equipment to ensure they are performing at the benchmarked parameters reflected in international guidelines including IEC 60079-32-1: “Electrostatic Hazards – Guidance”.

To ask more about this service contact us on: +44 (0)115 940 7500.

Our CompEx certified engineers commission and service all Newson Gale static earthing and bonding equipment installed at your site.

Commissioning & Maintenance Service - CompEx Certified


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