Static Earthing Protection for Bulk Transporters

Earth-Rite DGS Header

The Earth-Rite DGS Dual Grounding System (DGS) has two independent ground monitoring circuits that allows operators to ground and continuously monitor two items of metal conductive plant equipment concurrently to less than 10 Ohms, such as two bulk transportation vehicles or other metallic vessels like Ex IBCs and metal drums.

This feature is commonly used to ground trucks and tank cars during transloading operations or to ground up to two trucks or tank cars that are being loaded/unloaded at dedicated loading rack installations.

Interlocking the grounding system with the process equipment being used enhances the safety and operating procedure before the process starts. If the ground is lost then Earth-Rite DGS can shut down the process for one or both of the channels.

Interlocking the grounding system with strobes provides personnel working in the surrounding area with a clear view of when the grounded process is underway and protected.


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