Self-Testing Externally Powered Earthing Clamp


The Bond-Rite REMOTE EP (Externally Powered) static grounding system with visual indication is the best solution for simple day to day manufacturing processes where there isn’t a need for interlocking capability.

Operators are unable to confirm a good earth connection before the process begins if they are using a simple grounding clamp and cable assembly.

This provides the operator and their colleagues with confidence that the process is reliably grounded and continuously monitored to 10 Ohms (or less) before the process starts.

The wall mounted Bond-Rite REMOTE (EP) is mains powered (230/115 V AC) allowing the system to run 24 hours a day reducing any process shut down time.  The external power supply can be located in both the ‘hazardous’ (Zone 2/22 / Div.2) and ‘non-hazardous’ areas, with the indicator stations mounted in the zoned / HAZLOC area (Zone 0 / Div.1) or lower.

When used in conjunction with the Newson Gale Universal Power Supply, up to 10 Bond-Rite REMOTE indicator stations can be powered simultaneously. This enables users to actively monitor up to 10 items of plant equipment susceptible to charge accumulation (e.g. drums) independently of each other.

The stainless steel grounding clamps can be used with retractable cable lengths from 3 m up to 30 m to suit the process and application.


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