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Our knowledge hub is a comprehensive library of information relating to the dangers of static electricity. If you are mixing, blending, pumping or transferring hazardous materials, the articles highlighted below will provide an insight into what practical measures can be taken to remove the potential fire and explosion risk of static sparking and possible explosions within the workplace.

Grounding & Bonding Applications Handbook

  • This Grounding and Bonding Handbook highlights some of the processes that can be susceptible to static charge accumulation.
  • View a range of solutions that can help mitigate against the accumulation of electrostatic charge.
  • Check some of the latest state of the art guidance from the National Fire Protection Association and the EX division of International Electrotechnical Commission.
  • Understanding static electricity and why it is a credible ignition source in HAZLOC/EX atmospheres.

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EArth-Rite DGS Typical Application

Safeguarding against the Hazards of Static Electricity in Transloading Operations (Rail Cars)

The process of grounding any metallic items of plant equipment used in industrial process operations is fraught with risk, and the nature of a static ignition is somewhat amplified when applied to tank rail car loading and unloading operations due to the size, scale, and proximity of other vehicles within the vicinity that can ignite if a charge were to propagate through the loading facility.

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5 Reasons for using ATEX FM Approved Clamps Video Tile

5 Reasons for using Static Grounding Clamps

Regulatory and approval bodies in Europe and North America emphasize the importance of using specially designed static grounding clamps that are fit for the purposes of dissipating electrostatic charge safely, and are robust enough for use in industrial environments.

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Earth-Rite RTR Product Video Tile

Earth-Rite® II RTR Product Overview

The potential risk of static charge accumulation on road tankers and tank trucks can be managed through the correct installation and proper use of the Earth-Rite Road Tanker Recognition system from Newson Gale, ensuring suitable grounding, and preventing operation of equipment in unsafe conditions. Watch the video to learn more.

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Benefits of Tungsten Carbide Teeth Video Tile

Benefits of using Tungsten Carbide Teeth

In this short video we’re going to discuss the advantages of Tungsten Carbide Tips which are fitted to Newson Gale’s grounding clamps.  Watch the video to learn more.

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X90 & X45 Product Video Thumbnail

VESX90 – VESX45 Static Grounding Clamps Overview

The VESX90 & VESX45 are purpose built grounding clamps, which have been ergonomically designed for efficient use within the workplace and manufactured to provide the highest operational safety.  Watch the video to learn more.

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Bond-Rite Video Tile

Bond-Rite® II Product Overview

The Bond-Rite range delivers enhanced safety and security by continuously monitoring the connection between the tips of the clamp, on the metal item of plant equipment to the designated grounding point to be 10 Ohms or less. The range provides equipment specifiers the option of selecting a battery powered grounding clamp with integral LED or utilizing a wall mounted, battery or mains powered indicator station with visual indication.  Watch the video to learn more.

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VESX50-IP Magnetic Clamp Video Tile

VESX50-IP Magnetic Grounding Clamp Overview

The VESX50-IP Magnetic Static Grounding Clamp utilizes magnetic technology to provide a strong and robust low resistance connection to any ferrous metal surface.  Watch the video to learn more.

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Earth-Rite II MGV Animation Thumbnail image

Earth-Rite® II MGV Animation

The Earth-Rite II MGV earthing solution is designed to ground mobile vehicles and vacuum trucks during loading and unloading operations. The static earthing system is vehicle mounted in order to dissipate any static electricity which could accumulate on the truck.

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Earth-Rite MULTIPOINT II Animation Thumbnail Image

Earth-Rite® MULTIPOINT II Animation

The Earth-Rite MULTIPOINT II is a multichannel static ground monitoring for the hazardous area industries.

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Earth-Rite II RTR Animation Thumbnail Image

Earth-Rite® II RTR Animation

The Earth-Rite II RTR is a static earthing solution for road tankers and tanker trucks in hazardous area industries. This updated animation illustrates the dangers of static build up and how, by using this system, road tankers can correctly be identified to ensure loading and unloading of hazardous materials can be carried out safely.

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Specifying an EX/HAZLOC static control solution

Experience of selecting solutions to mitigate against the ignition hazards of static electricity in EX/HAZLOC areas varies from those who are specifying static control solutions for the first time to those who specify solutions on a regular basis.

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Controlling the risk of ignitions by static electricity in intermediate and specialty chemical operations

This article is designed to aid engineers, operations managers and safety professionals in understanding the root causes of static electricity and why it can be a potential ignition source in daily operations. The article will also provide a general overview of legislation and industry guidance relevant to static electricity and then outline practical methods around how it can be managed.

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Consideration of incendive electrostatic discharges in the use and production of hand sanitisers

Many companies are reconfiguring production lines, or starting up new ones, to increase the supply of hand sanitiser in response to the current pandemic. However, industry groups like the Solvents Industry Association are concerned with reports of inappropriate packaging of solvents and an incident of a static discharge igniting vapours present on an operator’s hand after the application of hand sanitiser.

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