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Solvents and combustible powders are heavily utilised constituents of industrial Paints & Coatings.

The use of solvents is still important in aerospace, marine, electronics and general industrial protective coating applications. In addition, the handling and transportation can generate hazardous levels of static electricity and these ignition risks need to be managed through the effective application of static earthing and bonding equipment. 

Tank Truck Filling & EmptyingRoad Tanker Filling & Emptying

Earth-Rite RTR Static electricity can lead to large voltages on road tankers.
> Earth-Rite RTR


Railcar Filling & EmptyingRailcar Filling & Emptying

Earth-Rite PLUS Earthing and interlocks preventing charge accumulation on the tanks of railcars.
> Earth-Rite PLUS


Filling IBCs & Filling IBCs & Large ContainersLarge Containers

Earth-Rite PLUS The manual filling of portable drums and vessels can result in incendive static spark discharges.
> Earth-Rite PLUS


FIBC Filling & EmptyingFIBC Filling & Emptying

Earth-Rite FIBC Earthing and interlocks for Type “C” Big Bag operations.
> Earth-Rite FIBC


DRUMFilling & Emptying Small Drums & Cans

Cen-Stat Clamps For low volume liquid transfer.
> Cen-Stat Clamps


Filling & Emptying Drums & CansFilling & Emptying Drums & Cans

Bond-Rite Clamp Patented earthing clamp with LED earth status indicator.
> Bond-Rite CLAMP



Earth-Rite PLUS product image

Earth-Rite® RTR

Precision and reliability is what the Earth-Rite RTR provides to HAZLOC safety professionals and engineers who are tasked with protecting personnel and plant assets from the ignition hazards of static electricity during tank truck loading and unloading operations. The loading and unloading of road tankers with large quantities of chemicals and powders generates static electricity […]

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Earth-Rite PLUS product image

Earth-Rite® PLUS

Precision and reliability is what the Earth-Rite PLUS provides to HAZMAT professionals and engineers who are tasked with protecting personnel and plant assets from the ignition hazards of static electricity during tank car, LACT & skid unit and tote loading/unloading operations. Conductive metal objects like tank cars, LACT units, skids, totes and IBCs that come into contact with electrostatically […]

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Earth-Rite FIBC product

Earth-Rite® FIBC

The Earth-Rite FIBC system validates and monitors the resistance of Type C FIBC bags ensuring that the conductive elements of the bag are capable of dissipating electrostatic charges in compliance with IEC 61340-4-4 “Standard test methods for specific applications – Electrostatic classification of flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC)” and NFPA 77 “Recommended Practice on Static Electricity” […]

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Bond-Rite® CLAMP

The Bond-Rite CLAMP, patented exclusively by Newson Gale, is the only static earthing clamp that provides operators with visual verification that potentially charged equipment is connected to a verified static earthing point. The Bond-Rite CLAMP contains a bright green LED which pulses continuously when it detects […]

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Cen-Stat™ Static Grounding Clamps

Static grounding systems like the Earth-Rite range combine interlock control and visual indication to verified ground connection points and offer the highest levels of protection over electrostatic ignition risks. However, equipment specifiers may select passive grounding devices, like single pole clamps, to ground and bond plant equipment. […]

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