The benefit for product specifiers and buyers, particularly for processes that cannot be interlocked, is that they can enhance the controls over “their” static ignition hazards to a much higher level than basic clamps without having to stretch their budget to the more established interlock-able static grounding systems. Compared to a traditional static grounding system a Bond-Rite can provide 2/3 of the level of protection at close to 1/2 of the cost.

Taking an example of a typical drum filling operation, the normal mode of static grounding protection will be to ground the drum with a basic clamp and cable. Electrical isolators like paint coatings, product deposits and rust can prevent the clamp teeth from making a solid, reliable connection to the drum. Following repeated opening and closing cycles clamp springs can stiffen, losing their capability to close completely thereby reducing their capacity to make a reliable connection to equipment.

A Bond-Rite® CLAMP or Bond-Rite® REMOTE can provide workers with a visually verified ground connection to the site’s grounding network. All workers need to do is clamp the drum and wait for the pulsing green LED to activate. As long as the green LED is pulsing, the operator can work safe in the knowledge that he/she has obtained a green light to start the process and the Bond-Rite will continuously monitor the circuit ensuring static charge generated by the operation is transferred from the potentially explosive atmosphere.

Bond-Rites come in various configurations that complement the ignition control requirements of the product specifier, the installation flexibility desired by electrical installers and ease of engagement provided by the GREEN for “SAFE TO GO” principle for workers.

In compliance with NFPA 77 and IEC 60079-32,-1 the Bond-Rite CLAMP is ideal for applications where the operator can get an immediate visual verification of a secure 10 ohm, or less, connection to equipment at risk of accumulating electrostatic charges. If there’s a chance that the product from the process could obscure the LED in the Bond-Rite CLAMP (e.g. coatings mixing operation), the Bond-Rite REMOTE can be specified. This configuration enables the LED and circuit electronics to be wall mounted which is more typical of a traditional ground status indicator station. Both of these versions are powered by a 9V battery which can easily be replaced as necessary.

If the site has processes that last for more than an average of 6 hours per day, product specifiers can specify the Bond-Rite® REMOTE EP. This EP power supply takes line / mains power (230 V AC or 115 V AC) and converts it into an intrinsically safe power source for each individual Bond-Rite REMOTE indicator station. Not only can the Bond-Rite REMOTE EP power supply be mounted in Zone 2/21 areas and Class I, II, III, Div. 2 locations, it can power up to 10 individual Bond-Rite REMOTE indicator stations simultaneously. The Bond-Rite CLAMP and Bond-Rite REMOTE indicator stations can be mounted in ANY location that is classified as an EX/HAZLOC atmosphere.



Figure 5: The Bond-Rite REMOTE EP power supply can power up to 10 Bond-Rite REMOTEs simultaneously.

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