Zug / Nottingham, January 7, 2016 – Effective January 4, 2016 HOERBIGER Group headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, acquired Newson Gale, Nottingham, United Kingdom. The privately owned business, of which the majority of shares has been held by the founder Ernest Kochmann and his family while a minority of shares has been owned by its CEO, Graham Tyers, provides its customers a broad range of solutions dedicated to disabling uncontrolled discharge of static electricity and eliminating ignition sources in potentially flammable and combustible atmospheres. The parties agreed to keep the purchase price confidential.

Safety, explosion mitigation and prevention are attractive growth markets with large potential. HOERBIGER already offers a wide range of safety-related products and services. For decades, the Group has been an innovation and technology leader for explosion protection and check valves to be used in oil, gas, carbon and dust applications as well as in the mechanical and plant engineering industry.

Newson Gale owns an outstanding market position in the field of electrostatic grounding for hazardous areas. The company has more than 30 years of experience in explosion prevention technology by providing its customers a wide range of solutions dedicated to prevent ignition by uncontrolled static electricity in hazardous areas wherever there are flammable gases, liquid vapours or combustible dust atmospheres. Ranging from loading of road tanker trucks to emptying hand held cans, Newson Gale have a solution for virtually every explosion endangered process capable of generating static electricity.

The acquisition of Newson Gale is an excellent investment for HOERBIGER to strategically strengthen its business model built on performance-defining components with outstanding and value creating technological features. As leading market player, Newson Gale differentiates itself from competition by being focused on its customers’ applications and having a deep understanding of the associated challenges imposed by electrostatic loading.

With its application driven business model, Newson Gale has gained a leading position in the United Kingdom. Within the recent years, the company has also successfully ventured into North America. In addition, a network of global distributors has been established. Due to such efforts, Newson Gale has become the brand setting standard for elimination of ignition hazards caused by static electricity.

“Safety and explosion prevention technology are attractive growth markets which ideally complement HOERBIGER’s core business and thus hold attractive development potential”, states Dr. Martin Komischke, HOERBIGER Group CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board. “With Newson Gale’s reputation and know-how, we will strengthen our leading role as developer and global provider of performance-defining safety related components and services.”

In September 2015, the HOERBIGER Group has already acquired IEP Technologies, LLC, Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA, one of the world’s leading providers of sophisticated safety and explosion protection technology for a broad range of industrial plant engineering applications. The acquisition of IEP Technologies has created a platform for adding other products and services contributing to a common mission of protecting people and mitigating the hazards of explosions in industrial environments.

With the acquisition of Newson Gale, HOERBIGER Safety Solutions becomes even more a leading player in safety and explosion mitigation. “We have searched for a partner who will be committed to further develop the success of Newson Gale”, says Newson Gale CEO Graham Tyers. “HOERBIGER is a buyer active in the industrial safety business with global market access and providing a stable financial background. HOERBIGER´s vision of building a large Safety Division precisely matched our shareholder´s expectations for the future of Newson Gale.”


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