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Grounding Kit

Grounding Kit

Portable Static Grounding Kit

A quick and easy to use grounding kit which may be swiftly deployed in emergency or combustible material transfer operations where pre-existing designated grounding points are not available or accessible.

The portable grounding kit combines multiple shortened grounding rods with surface wire grounding techniques to provide acceptably low resistance for static grounding requirements in field operations.

The flexible array of interconnected grounding rods is inserted into the soil at specified intervals to maximize the capacity to safely dissipate static electricity from mobile trucks, service vehicles and other equipment.

  • Kit includes multiple rods, surface grounding wires, ground tab and driver tool.
  • Quick and easy to install and retrieve.
  • Static Grounding Canvas Kit Bag for Portable Grounding Kit and Cen-Stat Clamps, Assemblies and Tools.


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  • Each kit consists of:

    • 4 stainless steel electrodes (355 mm long).
    • 3 stainless steel grounding wires (1.5 m long / 5 mm diameter).
    • Stainless steel fasteners & grounding tabs.
    • 1 impacter to protect the rods when hammered into the ground.

System Options

  • Grounding Kit is used with

    • Earth-Rite MGV – Mobile Ground Verification System



Certification / Technical

  • Not Applicable