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2 Pole Clamps

Static Grounding Clamp

Newson Gale’s ATEX certified 2 pole static earthing clamps are approved and certified for use within ATEX zones and North American classified areas. In order to meet and exceed these requirements the earthing clamps must be capable of passing a range of stringent tests.

Testing Standards required for ATEX certification & FM Global approval:

Electrical Continuity Testing:

ensures the continuity from the tip throughout the clamp is less than 1 ohm.

Clamp Pressure and Mechanical Strength Testing:

ensures the clamp is capable of establishing and maintaining low resistance electrical contact with equipment.

High Frequency Vibration Testing:

ensures the clamp is capable of maintaining positive contact when attached to vibrating equipment.

Sources of Mechanical Sparking:

ensures no mechanical sparking sources are present in the clamp.



Positive Contact

The powerful combination of sharpened tungsten carbide tips supported by a positive spring mechanism ensures coatings, product deposits or corrosion does not prevent the clamp from connecting directly to the equipment to be earthed.


Our Atex certified 2 pole clamps are designed to be easy to grip and open aiding operators engaged in making repetitive daily earthing connections.

Long Term Value

Additional value is provided by the corrosion resistant and mechanically robust stainless steel construction which helps reduce long term replacement costs that are typical of lower quality earthing clamps.


2 Pole Clamp Options
  • X90-IP Designed for grounding drums and large containers.
  • X45-IP Designed for grounding drums and small containers.


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